Tuesday, December 31, 2013

                                                    HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!!

   This is the last post of 2013!  It has been a great year! And I'm looking forward to an even better year to come.

I just want to share a couple highlights.  The first being my new blog site.  I am so excited to have started this site.  I so love to take old things from before and make them into something new so the old is not more:).  For instance
how I turned this TV cabinet into

this beautiful bench or coffee table or TV console.
That project got my creative juices flowing and things took off from there.
Another, more recent project is my barstools to sofa table.
These are just a couple of things this year.  But I do have one more new post for 2013.
A Love Story
As you know by now I am a member of Irontribe, an awesome gym that I work out in. One of my coaches, Chandler, asked me to think of an idea for his girlfriend for Christmas.  I told him to send me some pictures of them and I will think of something.  In the meantime, I told him to write her a love letter.  The kind of letter that comes from the heart, in his own handwriting.  He loved that idea.
Mean while, I went home and started thinking of the project.
I had selected the picture I wanted to use, but not exactly how I was going to use it. 
I cropped it and printed it off in black and white.  I had an idea to transfer it using a transfer medium onto a board along with the words live, laugh, love, with you always.
I had this old cabinet door in my garage.  I painted it with Annie Sloan Old White paint.  I tried to transfer the photo using the gel medium method.  It was a disaster.  Although the method worked perfectly for the words.  I ended up using Mod Podge to attach the photo.  It worked out well.  I added the wood corner pieces, and built a little frame to frame out the picture.  I then distressed, light and dark waxed the entire piece.
Here is the finished product. 
He told me when he gave the gift to his girlfriend, she cried.
I'm sure the love letter had something to do with it as well.
I hope this new year brings, peace, joy and many blessings your way.